Selected works


Noble Trails Collection: the traveling sound museum
with mike rosenthal & chris cerrito burning man, 2018


A Western corral contains wooden barrels with touch-point activated soundscapes from history. Each touch-point contains one element of the soundscape; the soundscape cannot be heard in full unless all four touch-points are activated.

Soundscapes: Norway’s Hidden Arctic Corals, Pliny the Elder vs. Mount Vesuvius, The Inquisition of Seville, The Sean-Nós Traditions of Ireland, The Mysterious Longyou Caves

The traveling sound museum
with mike rosenthal & chris cerrito Burning man, 2016

A cart contains copper jars containing soundscapes from history. Soundscapes are activated by tapping the bottom of the jar and putting it to one’s ear. www.thetravelingsoundmuseum.com

Sounscapes: The Ancient Mayan City of Caracol, The Western Antarctic Ice Sheet, Ethiopia’s Sacred Sof Omar Caves, The Swedish Warship Vasa, The Grand Shrine of Ise Japan


dada danites
with Erin Elliott, 2016

Two books contain scripts for a dadaist rewrite of Joaquin Miller’s play, The Danites in the Sierras. Marked as Player One and Player Two, both books indicate which lines the player with that book should read. As pages are turned in order, some lines are read by the books themselves via sound modules embedded inside the pages.

bay voices

Place-based audio installation in the Exploratorium’s Bay Observatory prompts visitors to engage in observations outside the window as a means of understanding place.